How to Tip Your Mechanic

It’s a time-honored practice to tip your mechanic with beer (or something equally tasty) as an incentive to go above and beyond or to show your appreciation for a job well done. But what’s the etiquette? We interviewed more than a dozen shop employees, owners, and customers. Here’s your guide.

What You
Your Flat Tire Fixed Two Minutes Before the Store Closes Basic Repairs, But Your Bike is Covered In Mud and Grime A Hard-To-Find Part For Your Out-Of-Date Hub A Guided Tour of Top-Secret Mountain Bike Trails To Borrow Tools So You Can Do Your Own Minor Repairs Drivetrain Overhaul the Night Before a Race Or Road Trip
Recommended Tip Show your appreciation by returning the next day with a bomber of IPA. Few things evoke muddy ‘cross racing like a 25-ounce bottle of Flemish Ale. Scouring the Internet takes time. A six-pack of hearty ale will ease the burden. You’re buying your guide a beer at his favorite postride hangout. Celebrate the DIY spirit with a growler from your local brewpub. It’s a big ask, so bring a case of easy-drinking, crowd-pleasing craft beer.
Ideal Brew Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, $9 Duchesse de Bourgogne, $14 Dale’s Pale Ale, $11 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, $6 Anything seasonal, $12 Left Hand Milk Stout, $42
Alternative A $10 iTunes gift card A bag of artisan-roasted coffee beans A basket of freshly picked fruit A tin of homemade cookies A copy of your favorite cycling book Dinner-for-two gift card

Source: Bicycling (


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